Montenegro Problems

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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1. What roles can AmCham Montenegro specifically play in addressing each of the problems identified above? * Human resources. As AmCham identified Montenegro have some problems with laws and procedures when companies are hiring new workers, skilled qualified labor force and employment agencies. I think in order to overcome these problems AmCham can probably work on improving the qualification level of workers by teaching them the needed skills when they are getting new technology. America can send the people to teach and this way also improve the connection between Montenegro and America. * Taxation, the huge percent of peoples income are going toward paying the taxes but those money are not really going anywhere. That’s why AmCham need to show the plusses in investing those money. * Construction/real estate. By addressing the problem AmCham helps the country to see the problems in specific real estate and construction areas, like reduction of complicated procedures when purchasing the land or building a house * Rule of law. AmCham can address the problem but showing the data about an unfinished cases and how it can influence the economy. 2. What recommendations would you have AmCham Montenegro make to the government to address these problems? “AmCham Montenegro’s mission is to promote mutual cooperation and friendship between Montenegro and the United States through trade, investment and economic development. AmCham Montenegro strives to advance American commercial interests, as well as the interests of local, international, and other visionary companies that stand for responsible corporate citizenship and that share our values.” Based on this I would suggest to the government to invest more money into the development of technologies and educational improvements. Also I would suggest to make new policies for taxation and property rights and maybe come up with new corruption termination plan. 3. Would you recommend the European...
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