Economic, Political and Social Problems in British Society, 1945-1960

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Economic, political and social problems in the period 1945-1960 in British society

From 1900 to 1940s Britain struggled with poverty and social inequality. The economy in Britain needed a big change, because most of the population was unemployed, leaving schools in their early teens, there was no health service or social insurence.

In period from 1945 to 1960, Britain went through some changes in economy, society and politics. Politicians needed new plans to put the Britain back on its feet, in sence of economy, politics and society. Firstly they come up with a new plan to reform education, making it free of charge. They formed grammar schools for children aged 11-18. Secondly they nationalised all key industries, such as coal, transport, iron and steel, and thereby securing mass employment. Soon after, the "welfare state" provided social security and healthcare free of charge for all citizens. Need for workers rose quickly, and in short period of time cheap workforce was needed, therefor British municipal authorities began to offer jobs to foreign citizens, mostly from India, Pakistan, Africa and Hong Kong. Those imigrant workers where discriminated in different ways, in 1958 rioting broke out, and soon after there where hundrets of protesters, also new generation of teenagers joined the riots. Eventualy the number of protesters rose to about 50.000. This generation emerged from 1950s" baby boom". It was richer and more image-conscious. Along with this new generation, also emerged popular culture. Electronic goods become available to everyone, popular music and films where presented to mass audiences. Coffee bars and music bars opened, providing meeting places for new generation with money to spend on pleasure. With appearance of "Teddy Boys" , mass media achieved aim in selling many neswpapers, because "Teds" were involved in huge number of incidents that frightened people. Anxiety over the spread of popular culture produced several...
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