Impact of Iom Report in Futer of Nursing

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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On the basis of Affordable care act 2010 a huge change came in United States health care system, large number of people who were Un insured before became insured and seeking primary care. This calls for a big renovation in many aspects of the health care system to make it capable to provide for these growing needs particularly in nursing profession since nurses play a major role in the system. Even though nursing profession has come a long way, there are so many barriers which prevent nurses from adapting to this rapid change.

In 2008 Robert wood Johnson Foundation and Institute of medicine appointed a committee to provide a report with recommendations which will enable the nursing profession to accommodate the requirements of rapid changing health care system. After two years of effort of assessing nurses from all setting s, roles and practices, the committee delivered its report in October 5, 2010 which open up the needs of nursing profession to prepare for the rapid change in the health care system and meet the objectives of Affordable Care Act. IOM committee put forward four key messages which illuminate its recommendation towards this revolution, focusing on three important areas, nursing education. Nursing practice and nursing leadership

Committee says “Nurses should attain higher levels of education and training through an enhanced education system that promotes seamless academic progression”. Demands of health care system has become very vast and complicated. Being able to provide according to these demands nurses has to attain higher levels education and competencies .Higher level of education improves the critical thinking of nurses which will result in efficient and quality care. Report suggests s increasing the percentage of nurses with BSN degree to 80% and at least 10%of nurses with BSN degree to enter in master s and

doctoral programs and doubling the number of nurses with doctoral degree by 2020....
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