Social and Political Conflicts in the Early 1970s

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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The early seventies was a period of social and political conflict among many Americans. What do you think was the most contentious issue? Be as specific as you can be in showing how the issue you chose caused conflict and tension among Americans, and be clear about which Americans.

I believe the early seventies was a period of social and political conflict among many Americans because of the many different “ideas” and “beliefs” of how life should be lived were being outwardly spoken about. Many Americans were standing up for what they believed in and speaking out about it instead of living in the “norm.” One example that I think holds up my reasoning and shows why there was so much conflict and tension among American’s was Radicalism. For example, Civil Rights Movement; although started much earlier, it seemed as though it was turning into a more radical critique of society and activists were wanting to alter or change groups within the society or step up against government policies. Radicalism calls for a thorough rethinking of the structure of society as a whole. (Lecture, unit 1, lesson 4) But what one person thinks could be a great change, the other could disagree with. This in turn caused conflict. Although fighting for the same cause, but in different ways, groups began to break apart. Different races were starting their own radical groups, some successful in making some pretty serious changes in American’s society without any violence unlike the Black Panthers for example. Violence was something that was frowned upon since what everyone was fighting for was equality and peace; for everyone to get along. The Black Panthers were a very violent group that involved the police in most cases. They argued that the only way black people could defend themselves from police violence ws through the threat of retaliation. When such a minority is trying to be respected and looked upon just like any other citizen, wouldn’t this make the Civil Rights Movement a...
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