Ecological Systems on Gene-Environment Correlations Introduction

Topics: Anne Frank, Social influence, Margot Frank Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Ecological Systems on Gene-Environment Correlations
For the first concept map, I chose to do my concept map on the topic of gene-environment correlations. Which is in chapter 3 and can be found on page 83. This concept is about how different persons will encounter different environments based off their genes. Gene-environment correlation is broken down into three different parts passive gene-environment, evocative gene-environment, and active gene-environment.

The first gene-environment correlation is the passive gene-environment. This gene-environment has to do with the kind of environment parents bring their children up in. Children are greatly influenced by their parent’s home environment and also the children have inherited the parent’s passive genes. An example of this would be if the parents are sociable then the child is most likely to be sociable. Since the parents are sociable they will more then likely have a social home environment, which will increase the chances of their child to be sociable. The second gene-environment correlation is the Evocative gene-environment. This gene-environment is fairly straightforward, the child evokes a reaction from other people due his/her genes. For example a child who is smiling and laughing will seem more approachable and evoke a like response, where as a shy child will not seem as approachable and will not receive the same type of response. The third gene-environment correlation is the Active gene-environment. Your genes will guide you to the type of environment that you feel most comfortable with. For example a person who is sociable will go out to a party or go to other type of social events. While a person who is shy will most likely avoid places with large groups of people. Ecological System of Anne Frank

If you look at the concept map on the last page you will see the map starts at the micro level. Anne’s micro level includes just her immediate family members her mom, Pim (dad),...
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