Eco Water

Topics: Sales, Drinking water, Water purification Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: April 24, 2011
The company Eco Water, Inc. was started by Manish Krishna. He started the company to market what came to be the Purity II Naturalizer Water Unit. The Purity II comes from a company called Environmental Control, Inc. Manny’s company, Eco Water, Inc. started off in a very efficient way. Only $20,000 was used to get Eco Water, Inc. going in the right direction. For most, this is very little money to get a company started. By keeping his company manageable with such little overhead, Manny definitely has room for expansion and more sales.

The staff of Eco Water consists of Mr. Krishna who is the manager, seven full time employees, and two part time employees. The full time employees are six salespeople and a secretary. The two part time employees try to get new customers via the telephone. Thus far the company is successful with only $4,500 monthly overhead and decent sales. With a little more effort, the company has a lot of potential to expand in to new markets and get increased sales and profit.

Eco Water Inc. has a vision statement that clearly depicts the company’s goals. “Eco Water wants to provide people with water that’s clearer and cleaner then they’ve ever experienced. We like to think of our customers as partners, which results in extraordinary customer service and after sale support. Our relationship with you will continue long after you’ve purchased any water treatment system product.” This vision statement says a lot about this company and its goals to provide excellent care and customer service. The satisfaction of the final consumer is very important for this business to continue with increasing sales. In order to keep sales coming in the value of the brand and name of the company cannot be discredited by poor customer service.

The product being sold, as mentioned before, is the Purity II which purifies drinking water. It purifies by using a technology called reverse osmosis and it is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency....
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