Bottled Water

Topics: Recycling, Bottle, Recyclable materials Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Jennifer Anderson
BI 112
Case Study 1
February 11, 2011

But It’s Just Bottled Water

Part I-Moving In

1. Should Sally’s mother buy the bottled water? Why or why not?

There were many facts provided in this paper to support why people should not buy bottled water. They included arguments against the quality of bottled water, information on the harmful effects of bottled water on the environment, and the negative implications of water extraction. Sally’s mother should not buy the bottled water at the Mega-Store. She had previously insisted on buying bottled water because she believed that it was more sanitary and clean than tap water. There are many facts that oppose this argument. One such piece of information reveals that although 60-70% of bottled water does not undergo regulation by the FDA, the safety measures in place for water under FDA jurisdiction are comparatively less rigid than measures in place for city groundwater. It is disturbing to know that these “regulated” waters are allowed a certain amount of coliform bacteria (bacteria that are indications of possible contamination by fecal matter). It is also unsettling to know that although handlers of city water must be trained and certified to provide a sanitary product, bottled water companies are not required to adhere to such regulations. These facts, along with a list of other worthy concerns, easily raise questions the supposed superiority of bottled water quality over that of tap water.

Part II-Background

1. How can we make society more aware of the environmental problems associated with bottled water?

There are numerous ways in which society can be made more aware of the environmental problems associated with bottled water. Many people consume bottled water simply because they are not aware of the significance of their purchase. They do not have the correct knowledge or information about the negative effects of bottled water on the planet. The first way...
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