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Professor| Samer Forzley|
Office| N/A|
Telephone| N/A|
E-Mail| Samer.forzley@gmail.com|
Office Hours| 6:00 – 7:00 PM every Thursday before class| Class Location| Lamoureux Hall (LMX) – Room 124|
Class Hours| 7:00 – 10:00 PM|
Prerequisite(s)| |

Course Deliverable| Due Date| Weight on Final Grade|
Group Assignment| Feb 21sr| 30%|
Final exam| See exam timetable| 50%|
| | |

Course Description

eBusiness a new way of transforming relationships between organizations and within the latter, between consumers and businesses, and between citizens and public or community organizations. In everyday language, the terms e-business and e-commerce are substitutes to each other. For a manager, these concepts suggest areas close but distinct. E-commerce is for processes, mechanisms, technologies and architectures that support electronic transactions between organizations or within them, or between citizens and consumers or organization. E-business concerns more broadly, a set of operations from the Internet, whether buying, selling or offering service to consumers, whether or exchange , procurement, affiliation, alliance or integration within or between organizations.

The pedagogical methods to be used in this course will include professor presentations and notes, student presentations, lectures, group discussions and guest speakers.

Course Learning Objectives

The core learning objectives for this course are to give a business leader the ability to understand and integrate several business functions as it relates to eBusiness. Students will acquire the knowledge, theory and tools required to manage customer relations. All aspects of eBusiness will be presented; from customer segmentation, customer acquisition, customer service, retention to the full impact of eBusiness on the organization.

The objectives of this course are derived from the definition of e-business. In essence, they are: • Characterize the field of e-business;
• Define the challenges of e-business in consumer relations and international relations and intra-company • Develop new strategic opportunities offered to firms through experiences of e-business • Explain the role of the Internet in the integration of information systems applications • Know the trends in the field, and in particular, understand the new Internet applications and services of the company's future

Methods Used to Evaluate Student Performance

There are three methods for evaluating student performance

Class participation with a total value of 20%
Group Assignment with a total value of 30% of your grade
An individual take home final with a total value of 50% of your grade

Group Assignment

* Groups of 4 -5 students must be formed after the first class * The assignment will include the following
* A Word document that answers specific questions provided to you on week 3 * The assignment is due the beginning at the beginning of the 4th class on July 24thd
A brief PPT / Presentation of your work

Individual Final
* The final questions will be provided week 12 of the class * The final is a word document that addresses the questions provided * The final is due by 7:00 PM Aug 11th

Evaluation Rubric – Group Assignment

Section| Poor (50-69%)| Acceptable (70-79%)| Excellent (80%+)| Business model| Target market and strategy are poorly defined; rationale is unclear. Strategy is either inappropriate or too complicated to be readily understood.| Target market and strategy are properly defined; rationale is expressed but could be clarified; appropriate business model diagram is used but is somewhat complex. | Target market and strategy are properly defined with a clear rationale drawing on the case material and course concepts. The business model diagram is clear and easy to understand.| Market Segmentation| Market segmentation poorly defined,...
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