Ebsilon Professional

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The Planning Tool for the Power Plant Process


EBSILON®Professional –
The Planning Tool for the
Power Plant Process

EBSILON®Professional is a simulation system for thermodynamic cycle processes that is used for plant planning, design and optimization. Maximize the benefits of repowering and retrofitting measures by simulating them in EBSILON®Professional. Design a performance-optimized plant for your application scenario by introducing specific parameters into the model. Calculate the effects of component degradation, various load cases and changes in environmental conditions. Simulate the operation of newly developed components in a cycle.


Precise planning is the basis for a successful implementation of the project, both in the construction and in the modification of energy and power plant systems. It has to be analyzed
early on whether and how the performance requirements can
be achieved.
EBSILON®Professional supports you in the planning, from
the feasibility study right up to the detailed design of the plant.

Owing to the high flexibility of the system and the universality of the approach, any thermodynamic cycle can be modeled.
From conventional power plants, nuclear and solar power
plants right up to desalination plants, fuel cell applications as well as user-specific processes, there are no limits to the
modeling options.



EBSILON®Professional –
Optimal Planning,
Optimal Operation
Modeling your plant in EBSILON®Professional proves to be
intuitive and comfortable due to the Windows-based
graphical user interface.
By means of the component library of EBSILON®Professional you map the topology of your cycle in a precise way.
The universal calculation approach and the powerful solution algorithm ensure a fast and reliable calculation of the system parameters.
An intelligent error analysis and the comprehensive online
help assist the user in the modeling.

Intuitive modeling with graphical user interface
Powerful calculation kernel and solution algorithm
Comprehensive component library
Material data libraries for working fluids and fuels
Comfortable analysis and presentation of results
Open software architecture and powerful interfaces
Intelligent error analysis and online help
Expansion of the functionality by means of add-on modules


Graphical User Interface – Intuitive Operation
& Easy to Customize
EBSILON®Professional is operated via a Windows-based
graphical user interface, which distinguishes itself by its high operating comfort and its adaptability to your demands.


To map the topology of the plant, the components of the cycle are arranged by drag and drop and connected with logic and material lines.






Edit several models in parallel tabs
Define macros
Tools for selecting, zooming as well as manipulating
components like resize, rotate, mirror
Customizable display and design of components
User-defined keyboard shortcuts
Graphical elements for improving the clear arrangement
of the model
Operation in German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish
and Chinese

Solution Algorithm – Fast & Powerful

EBSILON®Professional highly efficient calculation kernel
allows the detailed simulation of complex applications, like e.g. the district heating system of a city. The exceptional
speed and convergence reliability of the algorithm ensure a
correct calculation of the cycle in the steady state. Release 10 and higher offer the possibility of transient calculations. Convergence and controller diagrams as well as statistical
characteristics help to quantify and improve the convergence behavior.




Fast simulation result: calculate a model with 1,100 components and 1,400 lines in only 2.5 seconds Convergence analysis tools like convergence and controller
Twenty years of successful application and further...
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