Easyjet Marketing

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Commercial Techniques

1. Company name, short presentation and Product Description Identify the product category and describe all the characteristics of this category of product. Describe the product; you need to cover all the elements (core benefit, actual product and augmented product)

Easyjet is a low-cost airline with headquarters in London's Luton Airport. It's owned by EasyJet Holding Limited, who's CEO is Stelios Haji-Jannou.

EasyJet operates 580 routes around all of Europe and 104 between Europe and airports in northern Africa. The company sells it's own tickets directly to the user trough the Internet and by phone, without the need of requiring the services of third party companies, such as travel agencies. In spite of this, they allow other websites specialized in plane tickets booking (Eg. Edreams) to sell their tickets.

EasyJet's business model relies on subcontract arrangements for most of the services that the company needs to provide to it's costumers. The plane ticket only gives you the right to have a seat, but all the other services that regular airlines would include in the regular fee are not given to the EasyJet costumer. Food and drinks are charged for, the ticket is given to the user for him to print at home, there are no different classes with a variable fee and the seats are not assigned.

In contrast with the other low-cost airlines, Easyjet gets to the main European airports, yet, like most of them, charges for any piece of luggage other than handbags.

In Spain, they have subcontracted the check in, luggage checking services and ramp services.

Nowadays, EasyJet owns 183 Boeing 737-700 planes. By using only one plane model, the company benefits from discounts in mass production with the manufacturers.

In terms of marketing, most of the market strategy is based on the image of being allowed to fly simply with a pair of jeans. The first campaign they launched was simply to tag their planes with the company's booking phone number on an orange color. EasyJet has used plenty slogans since it was first stablished and the current one is “We go, we get back”, which gives us a fresh and joyful image of the company.

2. Who is the target consumer? Describe the consumer’s profile you think the product is aimed to; use as many variables as possible to be accurate.

EasyJet’s costumer base is composed, essentially, of young travelers (interested in the low-cost offer) and professionals with an entrepreneurial profile, intermediate charges and low charges (who’s contracting company is interested in reducing travelling costs). Nowadays, young travellers represent 60% of EasyJet’s costumers. The other 40% is composed of professionals and other travellers. In spite of that, the business-travelling sector has a growing demand of EasyJet services. Most of EasyJet’s travellers are either U.K or Ireland nationals. Lately, the company has developed important marketing campaigns in order to penetrate other European countries in order to augment it’s costumer base.

Profile segmentation:

• Geographic: Easyjet customers are from all of Europe and Morocco.

• Demographic: Young people traveling for pleasure and professionals and intermediate charges.

• Psychographic: Lower-middle class.

EasyJet is making a strong ofensife to argue to their coustomers that used their service for a business mater, because of this, decides to sell their tickets in travel agencies specialized in this corporate segment, as El Corte Ingles Viajes, Globalia o Orizona.

3. What are the mediums used by the company to reach the consumer? Analyze the promotion mix and distribution channels.

The main medium used by EasyJet to reach it’s consumer is the Internet. This is due to the fact that, as we’ve already said, 60% of it’s clients are youg and, therefore, Internet is...
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