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EasyCar belongs to the easyGroup family of companies, founded by Stelios. Stelios entered the business with a low cost air carrier easyJet, the first flight being between Luton and Scotland in 1995. easyJet put forth a business model that strived to give the lowest cost product to the consumer by cutting down costs through the use of internet only reservation, simple point to point flights and yield management policies. As the airline evolved in to a “brand”, Stelios extended the brand and found easyGroup. easyGroup evolved over the years and now consists of the following businesses: •easyJet

Brand Values
EasyGroup’s builds its brand based on the following values: •Great valuesTaking on the big boys
For the many not the fewRelentless innovation
Keep it simpleEntrepreneurial
Making a difference in people’s livesHonest, open, caring and fun Mission
easyGroup’s mission is to, “manage and extend Europe’s leading value brand to more products and services, whilst creating real wealth for all stakeholders” (easyGroup: Brand Values). Vision
easyGroup’s vision is to be, “Europe’s leading value brand into a global force” (easyGroup: Brand Values). Business Model used by easyCar:
The company strives to provide value to the consumer whilst maintaining quality. The company defines quality as meeting or exceeding consumer expectations. easyGroup started business with easyJet in 1995. EasyJet used a low cost strategy providing value to the consumers at the lowest cost possible. This was down by cutting down costs by the elimination of middlemen in reservations, no-frills service and aggressive yield management policies. This served as a business model for extending the brand to the dozens of industries it today operates in, including travel, leisure, telecom and personal finance. easyCar also follows this model with over 95 percent of the bookings made through the company web site. The rest five percent is made through phone reservation system by the company. This eliminates the cost of intermediaries in the reservation system. Easy car strives at utilizing 100 percent of the fleet so as to generate the maximum possible revenue. easyCar expanded into locations that proved successful already with the easyJet consumers. This ensures that they are venturing in to the right markets. EasyCar maintains a policy of offering a single type of vehicle at each location. However the company did diversify suppliers offering several different vehicles. The company allows for consumers to rent cars for a time period of as little as an hour and the reservations could be made as even an hour’s notice. The company chose to use facilities that would not add too much to the costs. They choose to lease parking spaces and keep physical facilities to a minimum. The pickup process was relatively simple; the consumer could pick up the vehicles with a printed copy of the contract and identification. While returning the vehicle, the fuel tank must not be empty and the vehicle had to be clean. Macroenvironment: External Factors

Although easyCar.com mainly performs the business in central Europe, such as Germany, UK, France, and Spain, as EU becoming a large consolidated market, easyCar.com’s business potential also increases. EU contains a highly populated, culturally diverse union of 27 member states with population of 493 million people (europa.com). Motality rate is expected to increase while a birth rate is expected decline. Today, Japan is the only country with the older average age. Divorce rate is increasing like other developed countries; in contrast, married rate is decreasing due to late marriage in women (europa.com). There has not been significant demographical change in...
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