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Topics: Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, University of Southern California Pages: 7 (1992 words) Published: February 4, 2013
ARLT101: 1st Mini-Project Topic
(Due February 4th at 2:00 pm)

Scavenger Hunt of USC Campus and Neighborhood or of Downtown Los Angeles

Complete either (A) a scavenger hunt of the USC campus and University Park neighborhood or (B) a scavenger hunt of downtown Los Angeles.

At the end of completing your hunt, write a short essay (1 page) in which you explain the most interesting item you discovered by doing this scavenger hunt.

Note: The scavenger hunt project should be typed. It is helpful if you include the prompts for each item in your completed mini-project.

B. Downtown L.A. Scavenger Hunt

Complete the 21 items on the downtown L.A. Scavenger hunt listed below, providing answer to each item.

For the conclusion, write a short essay (1 page) in which you explain the most interesting item you discovered about Los Angeles by doing this scavenger hunt.

The Los Angeles Plaza Historic District, also known as El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park, is a historic district located at the oldest section of Los Angeles known for many years as "El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles". The district, centered on the old plaza, was the city's center under Spanish (1781–1821), Mexican (1821–1847) and United States (after 1847) rule through most of the 19th Century. In the Plaza, one can find several commemorative historical plaques in this district that includes Olvera Street.

1. Describe the plaque honoring the founders of Los Angeles, originally known as El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles sobre el Rio de la Porciuncula, (the town of the Queen of the Angels on the River Porciuncula),

It was a Spanish civilian founded in 17 century. According to the research that I found in website, it became the American metropolis of L.A. in 20 century.

2. Describe the City of Los Angeles Bicentennial Historial Plaque, both giving a quick physical description of this plaque and describing the subject of the information on the plaque related to the founding of El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

3. Describe the plaque commemorating the first Mayor of Los Angeles under United States rule.

4. Indicate the name of the oldest building to be found at the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument and provide the date of its construction. Indicate also the street name of the market associated with this location of the original pueblo or provide the original name of Los Angeles and a translation from the Spanish.

Avila Adobe was built in 1818.

5. She was one of the first African American philanthropists in the City of Angels who now has a set of plaques erected in her honor at a park located between Broadway and Spring streets at 3rd Street (333 South Spring Street). Provide the name of this extraordinary woman and a brief description of the information on the plaques.

Bridget “Biddy” Mason. Biddy Mason Park has courtyards and walkways. Meanwhile, the park has an unusual fountain made of water pipes.

6. Describe something that is depicted in the relief mural incised on the Broadway side of the Los Angeles Times parking structure (Broadway and 2nd).
According to the murals, it seems like people fight for freedom, they want Los Angeles to become the best city in the United States. So we can see that people on the mural are working hard, creating stuffs and so on.

7. In the Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles film noir Blade Runner, J.F. Sebastian, the "Toy Maker" lived with his creations in this apartment. The final scene between Rick Deckard - Blade Runner and the Roy Batty – Replicant also took place here. Find and describe something about the inside architecture of this building, which was built near the end of the 19th century and is located at 304 S. Broadway.  The building its indie is amazing. When I google it, those stairwells and elevator looks very historically. The stunning Filigree ironwork looks incredible. However, the building of its outside looks very normal, anyhow, it is a good place to...
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