Cross-Cultural Interview

Topics: Culture, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Cross-Cultural Interview
Diana M. Arredondo Dallas Baptist University

The cultural heritage is the things, places and practices that define who we are as individuals, as communities, as nations or civilizations and as a species. It is that which we want to keep, share and pass on. 1. Interview a person form a different cultural heritage and gather information on the following areas. a. With which ethnic / racial / cultural group does this person Identify?ANSWER: The person that I chose to interview is Mrs. Chambers. Mrs. Chambers is identified with the cultural and racial group known as African American or Black. This identity is also traditionally traced back to the beginning of the United States of America Historical Roots of people identified from Africa. b. Which areas of the person’s culture is identified with pride?ANSWER: Mrs. Chambers has an identifiable historical culture pride which includes among other things overcoming obstacles such as racial discrimination along the lines of social and economically disadvantages and discriminatory practices against her cultural heritage for over 100 years. c. What religious beliefs are central to this cultural group?ANSWER: Mrs. Chambers’s heritage generally believes that church is the key to its foundation and is of the corporate faith that God the Father has sent as a Savior of the World His only Begotten Son who is Named Jesus Christ. The cultural group also recognizes several other denominational and religious groups whose primary beliefs are similar to Mrs. Chambers, such as Baptist, Holiness, Pentecostal, Methodist, and several other denominational and non-denominational groups throughout the world. This is known as “sheep of other fold” as well as other brothers and sisters in Christ...
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