Easy-bake Oven and Meaty Sandwich

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Emily Brown
Mrs. Jansky
English III AP
21 September 2012
Normalcy for Lunch
The clock dings twelve times; as it does your stomach growls reminding you it’s lunch time. Hopping up and into action you peer into the fridge and open up various draws searching for what your stomach begs you for. Cold turkey, ham, hotdogs, sausage links, and hamburger patties from the cook-out this past Tuesday, your eyes are bigger than your grumbling tummy. Slapping together a meaty sandwich you dig in.

It all seems so simple, so normal, nothing wrong with that picture. But have you ever gazed into your fridge and saw Mr. Snuggles or Princess and thought to yourself, “Oh yay my favorite! Cat sounds so good right now!” Of course you haven’t! That would be absurd, unthought-of, sick minded, right?

A cow isn’t snuggly, huggable, and warm welcoming upon your arrival home. You don’t walk into your house after a long day at the office and get trampled by your pig Rex. No, no, cats, dogs, and even hamsters are above those animals by far. They are animal royalty and are not to be toyed with. Well as long as the toy isn’t an easy bake oven. Frying up Fluffy is not something you see every day. Did a group of people way back when set up a council meeting to set the moral standard of animals frowned upon eating? 1 Do you think I’m crazy just for realizing how weird this whole things actually is?