Open Campus Lunch Persuasive Essay

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Open Campus Lunch for Junior and Seniors

The bell rings. It is time for lunch. Students all over the building feel the rumble in their stomachs. It is the ache of hunger. Unfortunately, the school cafeteria is not the place to go. Taco Bell or McDonalds will definitely satisfy the hunger, though.

There are many pro’s and con’s regarding a open campus program for high school junior and seniors. On average, schools that have approved such a program have seen a drastic improvement in its students; not only socially, but academically too. According to “ Mrs. Boyrer, 95 percent of the students use the privilege responsibility. You don’t want to punish the whole because of the mis-action of a few”. Why should the entire student body of juniors and seniors be punished because of the actions of a select few? From broadening the menus and our minds. Open campus lunches are the way of the future in high schools.

juniors and seniors in high school should be allowed to have the option of taking open campus lunches as long as they have a 2.0 grade point average. Having to maintain a passing grade point average would drastically increase Our pass/fail ratio; creating a better opportunity for an increase in funding for our school. Thus, allowing the learning ability in the students to flourish.

Also, junior and seniors desperately need more independence. Independence is an important milestone for young generations. Not only would this new found freedom allow upperclassman to eat where they want, instead of the not so tasty food that the school provides; but it would also encourage responsible social contact. A reward, giving students the abilityto eat lunch with any of their friends despite the lunch period.

with such a grueling academic schedule, having an open campus lunch program would also give students a break. Jumiors and seniors would be able to go outside and enjoy the weather. Having the fresh air and sunlight would lead to a recharge, and provide a...
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