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Management Information Systems

Chapter 5

The Digital Firm:

Ethical, Social & Policy


Kenneth C. Laudon & Jane P. Laudon

9th edition PEARSON - Prentice Hall 2006


لاعقوبة بلا تجريم

ولا تجريم بلا تشريع

النص، المخالفة، العقوبة

"الاخلاق: خطوط عريضة، اصطلح عليها الناس (المجتمع) اما بالقبول او الرفض"

"نموذج معين يحدد طبيعة التفاعل مابين طرفين"

"الضوابط التي تحدد سلوك الافراد"

The Digital Firm:

Ethical, Social and Political Issues

| Objectives | |After completing this chapter, you will be able to: | |Analyze the relationship among ethical, social, and political issues that are raised by information systems. | |Identify the main moral dimensions of an information society and specific principles for conduct that can be used to guide ethical decisions. | |Evaluate the impact of contemporary information systems and the Internet on the protection of individual privacy and intellectual property. | |Assess how information systems have affected everyday life. | |Identify the principal management challenges posed by the ethical and social impact of information systems and management solutions. |

Discussion Questions:
1. Write a computer usage policy for your school or workplace incorporating the moral and ethical guidelines discussed in this chapter.

2. Briefly describe your Internet Service Provider's e-mail usage policy. If you are on campus, your school should have a usage policy.

3. Describe how your quality of life has improved or declined with the technological advances in the last five years.

4. How do you think our government should handle the political issue of Internet decency and access limitations?

5. To what extent should Internet Service Providers be held liable and accountable for the use of their equipment?

Ethical and Social Issues in the Digital Firm

It probably goes without saying that the security and ethical issues raised by the Information Age, and specifically the Internet, are the most explosive to face our society in decades. It will be many years and many court battles before socially acceptable policies and practices are in place.

5.1 Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems

Ethic refers to the principles of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices to guide their behaviors. IT can be used to achieve social progress, but it can also be used to commit crimes and threaten cherished social values. Development of IT will produce benefits for many and costs for others. You may love the idea that a gardening Web site or a mail order catalog gives you information about what grows best in your backyard (literally your backyard). You might even love the idea that you can sign on to Amazon.com, have the Web site greet you by name, and supply you with information about a book or CD by your favorite author or artist. If you're not especially interested in Stephen King or Frank Sinatra, don't worry; Amazon.com knows that and won't bother you with products from those artists. You are 22 years old, drive a Mazda, like hip-hop music, shop at Macy's at least once a month around the 15th, wear a size 10 dress, live in a small two-bedroom apartment, have friends or relatives who live in Texas, like eating at Red Lobster, go on a skiing trip to Colorado every Spring Break, missed one semester of school last year due to medical problems, and spend lots of time at the ivillage.com Web site chatting with other females your age. Would it surprise you to know that this information...
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