Eagle Scout

Topics: Camping, Campsite, Campfire Pages: 1 (464 words) Published: December 10, 2012
I like to introduce you to a person that has been an exampal to me. His good things cover the bad things that you could have ever seen. He is a person that has lots of love to what he is doing. It penetrats him to go to camp outs with our troop, and he has show me the Basic stuff of the scouts. He like to run for his track team Mesquite high school, and likes to teach people that he knows. He has gone to the course of N.Y.L.T., and oak leaf, and now he has staffed for all of the two, and I am proud to represente to my brother, Alfonso.
I Like to talk about the Day i went to oak leaf as a participated .oak leaf was a fun experiance for me. The first told me was my section and where it is. When i got thare the first thing was to go to our activity wich was the map and compas and it was all right after that we went to a section wher we had to build a camp site perfect. After we did evryting we decidid to build a flag pole then put our flag on. After we allready finished the camp director told us to go to our camp sight and pitch our tents and eat our lunch thare .when we finished we went back to our head qurters and the camp director left somthing in our bag wich was a balck and White rope .We wher doing some braclets for capture the flag and our section was in the White team. Before we played we ate Dinner. Dinner was lasaña and it taste good. After eating dinner the camp director said we could go and play capture the flag.thay assigned me and some other boys to Gard the flag. The game was short becaus a kid name Austin broke his wrist on a rock so he had to go home, so Austin couldent get his oak leaf badge. After that was over we went to a big camp fire and the staff made some skits for us. When we finsh we went back to our camp site to sleep. The next morning we went to go do the flag ceromony .when we finished...
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