Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Case Study

Topics: Vacuum cleaner, James Dyson, The Hoover Company Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Dyson Vacuum cleaner Case study

1. List the steps involved in the development of the Dyson Vacuum cleaner * Design process
* Design brief: designed upon the response of consumers, engineering team, national and international market place * Generating Ideas: several different concepts, produced a large number of sketches * Research and analysis: consider factors such as current market conditions, competitors etc * The process: designers had to balance ideas about how it would function, aesthetics, safety, reliability and cost * Modeling

* Manufacturing process
* Testing
* Evaluation

2. Describe how the Dyson Vacuum cleaner works
The Dyson Vacuum cleaner has two cyclone chambers that does not clog with dust and have replaced the traditional bag. Centrifugal forced in the cyclones spin out dust and debris into the clear bin. The first cyclone spins out larger particles. The shroud separates out fluff and hair and then the inner cyclone spins the minute particles out of the airstream. In this way and due to the unique cyclonic design, The Dyson is able to capture heath-threatening particles such as pollen, dust mite allergens and cigarette smoke.

3. Explain why the vacuum cleaner is considered an innovation “Rather than copying the existing vacuum cleaner style, James Doyle thought that as the technology was different then the machine should look new and it should reveal its revolutionary technology to the consumer”. The Dyson vacuum cleaner is different to any of vacuum cleaner available to the market therefore it is considered an innovation, using new and improved technology to further enhance the Vacuum cleaner.

4. Evaluate the factors that have contributed to the success of the innovation e.g. government agencies, entrepreneurial activity, economics, and trends, legal and ethical issues Economic – consumer spending has risen over the past decade so people are more likely to spend money on items that are not...
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