Dumped in the Usa

Topics: Morality, Consumer Product Safety Commission, United States Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 17, 2008
Case Study 1.1 “Made in the U.S. A.-Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq….

When you become a parent you hate to think or have the thought of something possibly happening to danger your child in the home. The thought of your child being trapped by a fire will make you want to take very precaution to protect your children. So when the development of fire-retardant children pajamas hit the market it became a great success. The future sales of this item were predicted to be high and a guaranteed sale.

Soon as the sales took off, word came out that the pajamas contained the fame-retardant chemical TRIS, which had been found to cause kidney cancer in children. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission quickly moved to ban the sale of the product and recall millions of the item. Due to the high toxic of this chemical in the clothes they couldn’t even be thrown away. So the Consumer Product Safety Commission had to find away to dispose of this chemical. Ironically ads popped up wanting to buy any garment that contained the TRIS. There intent was to dump the toxic pajamas on the overseas market. Dumping is the practice of exporting to other countries products that have been banned or declared hazardous in the United States.

Needless to say that this was not the only time that dumping has taken place. There was a situation where 450,000 baby pacifiers that were known to cause death by choking deaths and these same items were shipped overseas to be sold. In another incident there were 400 Iraqis died and 5,000 were hospitalized after eating wheat and barely treated with a U. S banned organic mercury fungicide. For an example of dumping, Winstrol a synthetic male hormone that had been found to stunt the growth of American children was made available in Brazil as an appetite suppressant.

The different manufacturers or companies that continue to dump products overseas are motivated by profit, or a least by the hope of trying not to fall into financial...
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