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SPSS Application in Management & Data Analysis
Q1 : What is SPSS? Discuss the origin and features of SPSS.
Q2: Write down the steps to read the text file in SPSS.
Q3: What is cases and variable in SPSS?
Q4: Write down the rules for declaration of variables.
Q5: Write down the steps to read the excel file in SPSS.
Q6: What is a categorical variable? Discuss with example.
Q7: Discuss the data type available in SPSS. Which data type is used for analysis? Q8: What is a use of Label in SPSS? How many characters we can enter in the label? Q9: Draw the SPSS screen and define the elements/parts of the screen. Q10: What is a use of compute command? Describe the parts of the compute variable screen. Q11: What is record into different variable procedure? Write down its steps with example. Q12: Discuss any five functions of SPSS.

Q13: What is the use of recode into the same variable? Explain with example. Q14: Write down the step to merge the variables.
Q15: Write down the steps to merge the cases.
Q16: What are the rules of merging the files? (Cases/variables) Q17: What do you know the Ordinal, Nominal and Scale.
Q18: What is use of Missing value option of the variable view? Q19: Describe the usage of selection cases option and write down its procedures with example. Q20: How to differentiate between Excel and SPSS?

Q21: How to delete the cases and go to specify case and variable? Q22: What are the necessary skills required to learn the SPSS? Q23: Give the name of any other data analysis software and explain their applications. Q24: What is a use of value option in variable view?

Q25: Define Mean, Median and Mode
Q26: What is correlation of coefficient?
Q27: What is correlation of determination?
Q28: What is test of significance?
Q29: Explain different correlation value with scattered diagram. Q30: What is standard deviation?
Q31: Define frequency.
Q32: What is cross tabulation?
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