Dubai Examples Essay

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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Complete the following table with information from the readings:

Principle:| Examples (Positive & Negative):| Reference:| MOBILITY| Metro – sustainable because people from Pakistan India etc use it (e.g. 90% of the population) (GOOD)Metro – Good – saves energy because people don’t use cars – only for middle class – rich people not interestedMetro was opened in September 2010 – but not all of it completeMetro doesn’t have a drive it is automatic – driven by computer – Bad – can’t trust machinesNo pedestrian streets – badBad drivers – speed – lots of accidents (Sh Zayed Rd)Bad traffic congestions coz people drive badlyGood – road with 14 lanes!!!Increase in population – transportation issuesDubai designed for CARS not PEOPLE!!!!Bad traffic system coz of buildings| HumeKaminKaminKaminHumeHumeHumeHumeHume / F&F| SUSTAINABILITY| Golf course in the desert – 4 million gallons of water – waste of waterA/C beach – not sustainable – waste of money and energyDevelopment affects the wildlife and environment – destroying natural places so Aysha can go to MacDonalds!!!!!No natural resources – they only have oil – no water, no trees…Destroying the environment to build things – not sustainable – Why? Palm Islands – Bad – Why? Man-made – destroy beaches and sea life – built for rich people – very very expensive to build – takes up lots of money that could be used to build houses, schools, hospitals, parks etc – Good or bad???? Good for economy bad for environmentThey won’t stop building useless buildings!!!!| HumeHickmanF&F| IDENTITY| Burg Khalifa – Famous icon – tallest building in the world! Make Dubai famous (very difficult to reach it from the airport (mobility)Immigation – only 10-20% nationalsProtect the sea and mountains – animals represent the country?Dubai famous for architectureSocial security problems – immigration (?) – Dubai more dangerousConnecting Dubai with the past and the futureLosing traditional economy Golf courses!!!! But Arabs...
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