My First Journey in Delhi Metro

Topics: Indian National Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru, India Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Metro was started in 2002 and since it has loomed large in Delhi. It has now become the life line of the whole world .From France to India , everybody has used it to reach places in time .It has lessen the cars running at brisk trot causing the most of the accidents in modern days. We have listened to the praise of metro by many folks , but it was 5 years from the commencing of metro that we had never gone on a journey by metro. It was high time that my father decided to go on a journey on metro.The nearest metro station from our place was at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. We packed some edibles and went to metro station . The glare of the light at the metro station was very delighting . My brother inexorably went here and there doing all kinds of research from check in area to metro train.My father bought ticket for all of us.Check in was a tiring thing but at last we were sitting majestically in the metro train. The train rushed at a high speed . We were all blown of to the corner of our seats. In no time , we were at Lajpat nagar metro station . We got off and went to the check in area . We dropped our tickets (which was a kind of token) and went at the exit of the metro station.One of the shops sold latest toys of beyblade . I made a beeline for that shop but my father refused to buy the good.I was vaguely depressed but it was okay after I had bought a luscious tikka from a roadside vendor.My mother bought too much of clothes and other merchandise from the shop . I thought that the whole shop would empty their old goods by selling these to my mother . After a tiresome day , we all backed to our homes.But indeed it was a hilarious journey. I think if a metro station would be going to my Fr. Agnel School at Gautam nagar, it would be the most convenient thing I would ever had !!
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