Experience of Industrial Visit

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Experience of the Industrial Visit at Mysore and Bangalore
This was our second time during our degree tenure that we were going for an Industrial Visit (IV). Everyone in the class was very excited about this trip. On the 13th of December, we left for the journey from CST Station. Everyone were enjoying themselves during the journey. We reached Bangalore Cantonment Station on the next day, on 14th of December, at about 9am from there we took a bus for Mysore taking us all the way to our accommodation at Comfort Inn Vyshak Hotel. The hotel was very deluxe and comfortable. All the students were happy to have such a room after a long tiring journey. Later on that day we went to St. Philomena’s Church which had breathtaking architecture and a very peaceful environment. After that we headed to the Brindavan Gardens which were highly popular for their landscaping and musical fountains. It was very nice to see fountains dance on the beats for the music.

On the Third day of our trip we visited the lovely temple of Chamundeshwari which was again a very beautiful temple situated at quite a height and following to that we went to see the Nandi Bull carved out of a single rock. Heavy detailing on that rock to make it look like Nandi was totally awesome. Later on that day we visited the Mysore Palace which was outrageously big and luxurious. It showed us what kind of life does a king live. It had various artifacts taken from various countries which dated long back. The paintings were bliss on the palace walls. Next stop was to the summer palace of Tipu Sultan where his various artifacts and memorabilia were kept. The exhibition was quite informative. Then we headed for the palace of Tipu Sultan which was sadly destroyed by the British people. We managed to take a look at where Tipu Sultan was found dead and the Water gate through which no person could ever come to his palace. Our next destination was to a 1200 years old temple, where the statues of the gods and goddesses...
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