Dttls Yr 1 Epp Assessment Seminar Paper

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Summative assessment Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: July 2, 2012
CC130015D Effective Professional Practice
Assessment Seminar paper
I am currently teaching the VRQ Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy. We use a range of assessment methods which include informal, formal, observation, formative and summative assessment. Informal assessment is used constantly in each and every lesson I deliver in the form of question and answer, worksheets, and informal quizzes. The use of informal assessment is used greatly to enable learning and progression as it is a very useful guide to the level of the learners’ understanding and skills they are gaining. This view has been supported in the work of Scales (2008). When the level of understanding and/ or their practical skills are great enough they are then ready to progress into formal assessment (exams, written assignments, summative observations). Formal assessment is used when I and the learner feel they are ready to take their examinations. We use the GOLA e-assessment tool to assess the students. The students will be allowed to have up to two attempts to pass their examination. However if they are still not competent after two attempts, they will then be encouraged to produce a written assignment that they have been working towards throughout the course. As I teach a VRQ subject, a significant amount of the course is practical. As such, formative observation is used as a method of assessing the learner’s practical skills until when the tutor feels they are ready to complete observations at a Summative level. Summative observations that pass the standards required are then documented in the learners’ City and Guilds portfolio and count towards their final grade of pass, merit or distinction. I evaluate the methods of assessment used continuously to help me gauge if they are effective. Hence this strategy has been commented upon by Ward (1980). The scholar states that an evaluation of tutors’ assessment methods should consider the following points: 1. Does the assessment...
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