Drunken Driver Detection System

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At present drunken drivers have increased enormously and so is the deaths due to drunken drivers. The main reason for driving drunk is that the police are not able to check each and every car and even if they catch any one the police can be easily bribed. So there is a need for an effective system to check drunken drivers. In alcohol detection system the ignition of the fuel is regulated by a sensor circuit. The sensor circuit is used to detect whether alcohol was consumed by the driver recently. The design also consists of a blood pulse rate sensor which is used to check whether alcohol is consumed while driving.


Drunken drivers have been let unchecked in the society. Though there are laws to punish drunken drivers they cannot be fully utilized as police cannot stand on every road corner to check each and every car driver whether he has drink or not. This leads to severe accidents as such that happened in Delhi in which a car ran over four road dwellers killing them on the spot. So there is a necessity to develop an efficient alcohol detection system.

The Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety, as the new approach is called, would use sensors that would measure blood alcohol content in one of two possible ways: * analyzing through driver’s breath

* analysing through the skin
These techniques using sophisticated touch-based sensors placed strategically on steering wheels and door locks. ANALYZING THROUGH BREATH:
This technique uses breathalyser to measure the concentration of alcohol in air exhaled by an individual. Here the first public demonstration of systems that could measure whether a motorist has a blood alcohol content at or above the legal limit of 0.08 BAC(Blood Alcohol Content) and, if so it prevent the vehicle from starting. The standard rate of alcohol leaves the body is normally 0.015 BAC per hour. There are three types of...
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