Drinking and Driving

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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The Dangers of Driving Under the Influence
Did you know that more than 10,839 people will die this year with one dying every 30 minutes?(Main) Just thinking about one person dying every 50 minutes is very eye opening! Now think about if you were that person under the influence, got in someones car, started driving and next thing she knows she see bright car lights and her life is changed. One should take more caution when thinking about drinking. Drinking is getting way out of hand for teens and people over 21. Teens should not be drinking. They are getting a higher chance of turning into an alcoholic as they drink more and more. Those people need to learn to have a sober driver that is willing to drive one person home safe. One person may get in trouble with the adult or the cop but it’s way better than losing his/her life with a stupid mistake he/she made. The punishment for drinking under the influence needs to be more strict.

With so many deaths caused by drinking and driving the government has tried to propose a device that would have saved thousands of lives. Those devices are called Ignition Interlocks. The main reason they wanted these devices in the cars was because; they wanted people who liked to drink in excess a lot not to be out about on the road. Many of the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) offenders are repeat offenders(Snyder). The device is similar to the breathalyzer police use, the drivers blow into the Ignition Interlock before starting the car. If the device detects alcohol in the persons breath the car will not start. These are used for people who are on probation. The restoration of limited driving privileges also comes with the Ignition Interlocks(Kluger). New Mexico passed this law in 2005, since then 6,000 Interlocks have been installed and 75% fewer drunk driving arrests than those without Interlocks. (Teigen)

It may sound like a mixed message: Alcohol may offer some health benefits, especially for your heart. Then again, alcohol may increase someone’s risk of health problems. The benefits of drinking are, it can reduce your risk of developing a heart disease, reduce your risk of dying of a heart attack, lower your risk of gallstones, possibly reduce your risk of diabetes.(Mayo Clinic.) You do not want to consume alcohol when you are pregnant, if you take medications that can interact with alcohol, if you’ve had a previous hemorrhagic stroke, you’ve had liver or pancreatic cancer.

With so many numbers and percentages, it gets confusing to have them all in order. American adults drank too much and got behind the wheel about 112 million times in 2010. Though episodes of driving after drinking too much. Drinking and driving have gone down by 30% during the past 5 years, it remains a serious problem in the US. Alcohol-impaired drivers are involved in about 1 in 3 crash deaths, resulting in nearly 11,000 deaths in 2009(Aaseng). Driving drunk is never OK. Choose not to drink and drive and help others do the same. Men were responsible for 4 in 5 episodes (81%) of drinking and driving in 2010. Young men ages 21-34 made up only 11% of the U.S. adult population in 2010, yet were responsible for 32% of all instances of drinking and driving. 85% of drinking and driving episodes were reported by people who also reported binge drinking. Binge drinking means 5 or more drinks for men or 4 or more drinks for women during a short period of time (Mejeur). One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving. Each year approximately 16,000 Americans are killed in alcohol related crashes. Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities. Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash. Think people are safe from DUI? Think again. Drunk driving facts show that anyone, at any time can be a victim. Here are some little-known drunk driving facts that show people what one means. Over 40% of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related. Approximately 30% of Americans...
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