Drug Trafficking Outline

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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What is your thesis statement?
Drug trafficking has played a huge role on many people's lives. It is believed to be stimulated by their environments, peers, upbringings and psychological factors. I. Introduction
II. First main point-Drug trafficking impacts the lives of people of all ages.
A.Supporting details-Drug trafficking influences and impacts the lives of people at a very young age.
1.Sub details-Teens and children are influenced to enter the world of drug trafficking by being lured into the fact that they will make a lot of money which in the drug trafficking business there is no such thing since there is either very little pay to no pay whatsoever.

2.Sub details-Young people normally cannot escape the lifestyle since in most cases they are often threatened with their lives after knowing any possible thing about the business.
B.Supporting details-Adults are also influenced and their lives are also impacted with being in the business of drug trafficking.
1.Sub details- In a society where time is limited and money is tight some adults feel so pressured and like they have no other choice so they enter into the business of drug trafficking to make a quick profit to soon find out that there is no way out once you’re in.

2.Sub details-Adults are often put in difficult situations with drug trafficking that ruin their reputations for life.
III.Second main point-Peer pressure and lack of guidance in a primary factor as to why drug trafficking exists. A.Supporting details-Everyone knows that the people you associate yourself with can always make an impact in your life whether it is negative or positive in this case negative.

1.Sub details-Most of the people who are involved with drug trafficking either have one or no parents in their lives.
2.Sub details-Smugglers might also have a poor relationship with their parents which can be a major factor.
B.Supporting details-Friends you associate...
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