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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Research Article Analysis Paper

University of Phoenix Axia College

Mary Koahou

March 05, 2012


Research Article Analysis Paper

My main purpose behind this research study is to basically explore the communication between gangs and drugs. Many believe that our nations social policy on drugs have been the cause of the growth of gangs, in other words the growth of the drug trades. Many young gang members have been known to be involved within many illegal income-producing activities such as robbery, extortion and larceny and this was due to the widening marketing of illegal drugs such as crack cocaine, marijuana and so on. Due to the large amounts of money that is said to be obtained with the drug trafficking and it just goes to show a solid financial underpinning for many gangs have been and how there is a really strong incentive for the actual upcoming and development of new young members. According to researchers there seems to be also relationships between drug sales, violence, gang membership and drug use within my research I would like to further explore these main questions at hand: Do those who sell or use drugs increase within violence? If so, how is it different from gang related activities? Who is more involved within selling/ using drugs, gang members or non-gang members? Do the relationships observed above only deal with gang members or non-gang members?

The actual main design of the research study was to basically collect data, such as interviewing the variety of ethnic groups, both female and males of different ages. The interviewing basically consisted of questions that were asked...
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