Drug Trafficking in the Usa

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Reducing Drug Trafficking in the USA
Christopher King
Eng122: English Composition II
Mathew Norsworthy
July 13, 2011

The topic selected by the author is reducing drug trafficking in the United States. The reason this was picked for the topic is because of the growing number of issues surrounding this topic. There are so many issues to argue in this research paper. Some of these issues are corruption in the countries legal systems, the causalities that occur during the process of trafficking, both human and non human, the wars between cartels and federal agencies, the lives affected by the drugs, the money or funding involved for both the governments and the cartels control of the borders to traffic these drugs and the penalties involving drug trafficking. There is a lot of information to research about this topic and to argue this topic was the best choice. The author plans to limit this paper by only choosing one of the five issues mentioned in the prior paragraph. By only using this issues, the paper will be enough for the reader to get the point trying to be made. It will not be too much on the reader or the author just to argue those points. The points that will be argued are the corruption, legalization of marijuana and the wars for control between the federal agencies and the cartels and the money and penalties involved in drug trafficking.

In this research proposal the author will present the nature of the problems involving drug trafficking in the United States. They will also make a specific claim involving drug trafficking and justify this as well by showing how important the claim is. He will also show the methods used to collect the information or research to write this argument and any preliminary findings the author has come across will also be presented in this proposal. The nature of this problem is that if drug...