Drink Me

Topics: Color, Nutrition, Health Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Drink Me!
Advertisements are designed to grab the reader’s attention in a short amount of time. The point is to make the product memorable and appealing. People are more likely to purchase a product that has an interesting visual advertisement that he or she can understand than one that is boring or difficult to understand. Vitamin water has developed a new low calorie drink. The vitamin water 10 advertisement is effective because of the variety of flavors shown, the word choices, and the appearance of being healthy. The vitamin water 10 advertisement shows a variety of flavors. The advertisement has four bottles of different flavors of the new vitamin water that decrease in size the further back they go. The effect is that the product appears to be coming out of the picture, catching one’s attention. The bottles also look like they are floating on top of water that is red, the same color as the first bottle of vitamin water. According to Kurt Geer, author of The Psychology of Colors in Advertising and marketing, the color red commands attention and promotes aggressiveness, strength, excitement and vitality (n.p.). Knowing this information, the choice of using red as the main color was a brilliant idea considering this advertisement was found in a health magazine encouraging exercise. Floating bottles give the appearance that the product is light, which makes one subconsciously think that the product will make whoever drinks it lighter. The background color of the advertisement is white. Greer asserts that “it can be sterile and refreshing” (n.p.). The marketers want to portray the idea that the product is fresh and rejuvenating. The bottles are turned so that the labels of ingredients are shown. The labels being shown make the vitamin water look nutritious. The entire look of the advertisement creates the feeling of desire for vitamin water 10. The word choice in the vitamin water 10 advertisement is motivating. The advertisement says “10 calories per serving...
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