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Executive Summary
3M Singapore controls many market leading brands in their various markets, such as Post-It®, Scotch® Tapes, Scotch-Brite® and Command™. In this report, we will be focusing on the brand – Command™. We aim to address the problem of the erosion of Command™’s competitive advantage in its increasingly competitive industry by providing improved/new BTL strategies which Command can undertake. Based on our survey, there are 2 interesting findings which we aim to tackle through our recommendations. The first of which is that consumers could not differentiate Command™ from 3M. In other words, they viewed Command™’s products as “3M hooks” rather than “Command™ hooks”. This could lead to a brand dilution of 3M in the long run which is not ideal. The next is that Command’s value proposition of easy and clean removal is not fully understood by consumers. To aid Command™ in targeting its consumers effectively so as to anchor its footing as the market leader, we aim to address the problem and the misconceptions consumers have. We first investigated the factors behind motivating consumers’ consumption for products in the DIY-Mounting and Fastening Industry, followed by an analysis of the effectiveness of its current BTL strategies. From our results and findings, we have divided Command™’s consumers into 2 main groups: “The Innovalist” – Creative individuals who are motivated to purchase based on aesthetics appeal, and “The Functionalist” – Individuals who are more concerned with durability than other factors. All in all, we aim to help Command™ differentiate itself from its competitors so as to anchor its position as the market leader.

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Market description4
1.2 Products review4
1.3 Competitive environment analysis5
2.0 The Problem, The Issues, Our Objectives5
2.1 Issues5
2.2 Problem6
2.3 Objectives6
3.0 Methodology6
4.0 Results & Findings8
4.1 Problems8
4.2 Opportunities9
4.3 Categorisation of consumers11
4.4 Effectiveness of current BTL strategies12
4.4.1 Primary Space13
4.4.2 Secondary space14
4.2.3 Print Ads14
4.2.4 Promoters15
4.2.5 POSM15
5.0 Recommendations15
5.1 Primary Space16
5.2 Secondary Space17
5.2.1 “The Road to Command™ing Success” Project17
5.2.2 “Is this your room? Start Living!” or “Tidy Room, Long Living”19
5.3 Print Ads20
5.3.1 “Visuality Is Key”20
5.4 Future Plans21
6.0 Controls & Limitations22

1.0 Introduction
Command™, one of the brands under 3M’s consumer and office business segment, positions itself as an innovative solution for consumers’ mounting and fastening needs and the gateway through which they are able to transform their space quickly and easily. It has successfully carved a credible name for itself by being true to its brand promise of delivering damage-free, strong hanging solutions which can be removed cleanly and also as an innovative brand through the development of its USP: Stretch Release Technology (USPT). 1.1 Market description

Command™ is in the mounting and fastening industry. Its target audience is aged 25-45, with a monthly household income above S$4000. The age group comprises of young adults who would most likely be working in their first job and adults who have reached certain milestones in their careers. 1.2 Products review

Command™ has a wide range of products under its line, ranging from the general hooks of different sizes to various types of organization products to bathroom accessories. Although products are priced at a premium, it offers consumers damage-free, strong hanging solutions which can be removed cleanly. The main differentiating factor lies in Command™ Adhesive the revolutionary USPT that combines a reusable hook with removable, water-resistant adhesive that comes completely off with the pull of a tab and does no damage to the surface in the process. 1.3 Competitive Environment Analysis

With the rapid...
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