Dream Job

Topics: Thought, Dentistry, Nursing Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Trent Wallace
6th Hour
Mrs. Reaume
Senior Seminar
Dream Job
To many people, a dream job would be being paid to sit on the couch and do nothing all day and get paid for it, but to me a dream job would be to do something you have to work to get. To me being a nurse is something I have always wanted to do and is in an always growing job field. Many people in my family work in the medical field, my mom is a RN at Toledo hospital and my uncle is a dentist and runs his own dental practice. Helping and working with other people is something that I really enjoy and I could see myself doing that for a long time.

To be a nurse one crucial skill that is needed is to be a good people person. As a nurse it is your job to be able to communicate with your patients and let them know what you are doing to them and let them know the status of their health as much as possible. If you aren’t a people person, I believe that would be a true problem because if you cannot communicate with your patients and let them know what is going on they will probably be upset with you.

Also as a nurse, being a very hard and motivated worker. Some people may think that being a nurse is an easy job; well guess what they’re very wrong. I really don’t think you can recall the last time you had to help a four hundred plus pound person up and to the bathroom or onto the toilet, because that is one of the major roles played by nurses. Also running up and down hallways catering on your three to five patients all day, really isn’t the easiest task either. I’m sure that in this field, they have had a lot of people quit because they had thought that this job would be so easy and it turned out being really hard.

The thing that really turns me to this job though, is the pay. The average salary of a registered nurse ranges anywhere from fifty to eighty thousand dollars. With that kind of salary you could live a very comfortable life working forty hours a week and making anywhere from twenty to thirty...
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