Dream Job

Topics: If You Have to Ask, Documentary film, Film Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: November 27, 2010
My work

When I finished my studies, I had a lot of different
jobs, but I haven´t found a career.
Then, I decided to apply for a job as an assistant
of instaler. I asked my friend to help me.
I got the job and now I´m instaler of kitchen fourniture.
It´s a good job. I earn enough money and I´m my
own boss. Im a kind of free lance.
I work very hard but I have a lot of free time, too.
If I want I can take a day off to spend with my family.
I´m good at working with my hands and running my
own business.

My ideal job

I would like to work as a free lance photographer and
make documentary films for any TV channel, National
Geographic, and so on. I´d like to make films about
wild life, about the sea, ancient civilitations and people.
It would be amazing to travel around the word, to meet
diferent people, cultures and places.
I think that it would be a great job.

I think that the best way to find work is:

For a start, You need to approach to the jobcentre
or ask your friends and relatives to help
you to find a job. And if I were you, I´d send your
CV to companies and search on the internet.
Then, You have to apply for a job which
likes you or you can do it. I mean, that you
are qualificated for the job. If you have referees,
If you are not qualifications, you should go on
a training course, and then, you go for a few
If you get the job, you have to hard work, so you
get promoted and get a pay rise.
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