Dream House Essay

Topics: Sound, Green, Color Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Do you know what your dream house is like? I do and can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s like light in the darkness! I will describe what you can see, hear, and do in this beautiful house. Please read carefully you don’t want to miss a word.

There are a variety of things that catch your eye about this mind blowing place. The first thing you notice is the outside. It’s a light, almost sky blue, shade of blue. Next, is the living room. You notice it is a bright yellow color, almost a shade of white. Finally, you notice the dining room. The walls are a lime green color, and the floor is hard wood. Those are just a few things you can see in my dream house.

Another very noticeable trait of this wondrous place is all . First is the TV, which is normally always on NCIS. You hear the noise coming from the chamber of their pistols as they shoot at the bad guys while they try to get away. Next is the sound of billiards being played in the entertainment room. You hear the crash of the billiard balls hitting each other. Finally, is the sweet sound of pressure being released as I open my Mountain Dew. It makes that sweet hissing noise as it fizzes to the rim of the bottle almost making it over flow. Those are just a few noises to be noticed in this phenomenal place.

There are also many joyful things to do here. First is listening to music. You can turn the music up as loud as you want and no one will care. Next is drawing. You can draw anything you want, and no one will care how bad it looks. Last but not least is writing poetry. You can write it anywhere but it’s normally better when it’s quiet and you can actually get in touch with your feelings. Those are just a few things a person can enjoy at this inexplicable place.

I have just described to you what my dream house is like. It’s like sunshine on a cloudy day! I have shared what you can see, hear, and do in this extraordinary place. I hope you better understand why this is my dream house. What is your dream...
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