Dream: Clowns, Zombies, and a Strange Man

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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I’m in big trouble. I can feel it. I don’t exactly know what I did or what I am running from, but I keep on running. I ran without stopping. I don’t know what is giving me this unlimited energy to run without stopping but I know if I stop, I will be in trouble. I see all these big columns and high vault ceiling as I run. Where am I? I don’t know. If this was any normal, ordinary day, I probably would like to take a slow walk and enjoy all these grand architecture elements. However, I don’t know how I know this, but if I stop I will be in big trouble. I heard a loud noise behind me and I look back. I see a giant clown running, chasing me. He is calling my name while chasing after me. The clown is holding something. While I am busying looking at the running clown, I didn’t notice there is a pole right in front of me. I bang right into it. My head is spinning and I pass out. When I wake up, I am back on my bed. It was the weirdest dream that I ever had. As I walk out of my bed toward the door, it seems like everything slows down. Moreover, as I try to crab the doorknob it seems to get further and further away from me. Everything is in slow motion, and then I decide to jump for the doorknob with the slightest of luck. Luckily, I grab on to it and quickly open the door. I run out the room but everything seems different. I could see object floating on the air. It’s weird. It is like I am in outer space. I quickly close the door behind me and jump out the window. Then I see a strange man approach me. He is wearing all black but he is too far away for me to recognize anything else. However, as he approaches closer to me, I could see there is blood trooping down his sleeves. Suddenly, my body shivers. I try my harder to pull myself together and run. That scary man is chasing after me. I run and run. While I am running, I stop on the way to pick up laundries. I always like to keep my clothes clean and in perfect condition. The man in black is still chasing after me. Then...
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