A Mysterious Place

Topics: Sound, English-language films, Noise Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: November 16, 2011
A Mysterious Place
You’re walking down a pathway with some of your friends, when you realize that you are all on your own. Nobody is around you except some scary looking figures with blood in their mouth and others that look like ghosts and scary monsters. You look left and right and the only thing you could see is fog. You look at your friends and they look as if they just seen someone pass away. You all remain silent and the only noise that you are able to here is the laughing of some clouds and yelling from other people. Although you hear these sounds you do not know where they are coming from. This is the moment when you fear your life the most. You see something white in front of you run, looks like its chasing someone but it disappears, just like a ghost. Then all of a sudden, you hear the engine of a saw. You want to run and get somewhere, where you know its safe as soon as possible but you know you want to stay with your friends, all together. You could taste the cold air and breeze in your mouth and it seems like time is passing very slowly. One of your friend whispers “Is everyone okay?” and you remain silent. You are so scared with the rest of your other friends that you are unable to speak. Your body feels like it is going under shock, when suddenly, something comes out of a bush that is beside the group of your friends and yourself, you hear the rustling sound of the leaves, seems like someone came out from there. Everyone freezes and tries not to make any noise and listens for further noises. They know that their life is in danger, and do not know how to react. When all of you guys look back at the same time, you see an old wrinkly man, who seems like he has been shot in one arm and is bleeding unstoppably. He has an ax in one hand and is carrying a saw in the other hand. He immediately drops the ax and turns on the saw; this is the same engine sound you heard earlier. Your friends and you scream and run as fast as you can when you seem to see a...
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