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* Den Mae Pangilinan as Cheng Shi( in Sales Department ) * Cristine Joise Causo as Ms. Quin (Manager of Sales Department) * Analyn Miranda as Lee Min/ Rhen Yue ( in HR Department ) (VP in Merchandising) * Jennica Dela Cruz as Jing Shi ( CEO )

* Jeffrey Nartates as Mr. Roy (in Sales Department)
* Joseph Dela Cruz as Patrick Li ( Manager in Merchandising Department ) * Angelica Javate as Lyn Shao ( VP )
* Gracielle Ann Garcia as Ms. Rhue ( Employee )
* Charmaine Dela Cruz as Ms. Yao ( Assistant Manager of Manager in Merchandising Dep’t.) * Joanalene Tanangonan as Ms. Yi ( Secretary of Jing Shi )

Directed by:
Group 5

Submitted to:
Mrs. Jennifer G. Fronda

Cheng Shi is a MBA graduate who has everything handed to her because she is the future successor of Jingshi Department Store. However, her mother worries she will not make a good manager and decides to train her by having him work as an entry-level employee for a year. During the year she has to live on her own salary and never reveal her true identity, or she will have to renounce his succession right. Shi could not have survived the year has it not been for Mr. Roy’s office survival guide. Mr. Roy is a Jingshi marketing specialist who has just saved her first Php 50, 000 for the down payment on a house. She works very hard to achieve her goal. Together, Roy and Cheng accomplish the impossible, which is to shine on the bottom of the office pyramid.

SCENE 1: Narration
Narrator: My name is Christian Roy, an employee in Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. I’ve been in the workforce for four years, never treat others, don’t buy clothes that cost more than Php. 1, 000, don’t go to the movies, don’t go to KTV (Karaoke), don’t take the taxi, I’m so frugal because I want to buy my own house where mom and I can live in. Today is the day I’ve been anticipating most. Heaven sees all our hard work. As an office boy, I swallow my pride, endure and suffer through anything, work overtime everyday and don’t feel tired, never fight back when my boss yells at me, Im frugal with my money, and from my limited income, I’ve saved first 50, 000 pesos of my life. Although this 50, 000 pesos is just a little dent in the global economy, it’s a big step in my life. This 50, 000 pesos put me one step closer to my dream of buying a house. Some people may think that the life of an office boy is very boring, but I don’t think so one bit. I love WORKING! (AT THE OFFICE) ( 8:00 am )

Ms. Quin: Hey! Ms. Lee Min, may I ask what you are doing? Let me see what you are holding? -Ohh.. you aren’t trying to clock in for Christian Roy from Sales, are you? Ms. Min: of course not, manager.

-I’m afraid that once Roy get’s here, he won’t be able to find her card, so I’m holding it for him. Ms. Quin: What are you holding when he’s not here! Clocking in for others is seriously against company policy. You’re in the HR Department and you didn’t know that rule? I don’t want to complain about you young ones, we all work hard to… Ms. Min: Manager, there’s a hot guy.

Ms. Quin: Where’s the guy?
(Min will get the card of Roy on the hand of manager. Roy will clock in at exactly 8:00 am) Mr. Roy: Yes!
Ms. Quin: That’s enough. Mr. Roy, you got lucky. If not, I was thinking that your history of four years of perfect attendance would have been ruined. Mr. Roy: Manager, from now on, I’ll leave my house earlier. Ms. Quin: In the afternoon, I’m having a meeting with the CEO. Hurry and prepare the past three months of sales performance report and put it on my desk. Ok? Mr. Roy: Manager! But isn’t it your responsibility to gather the sales report for meeting? Ms. Quin: oh yeah! (smile) Of course that’s something that I, as manager, have to report. But you’re responsible in gathering the data. Get on it! Now! (The steps of Ms. Quin would cross Ms. Min)

Ms. Quin: Move!...
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