Office Space Analysis

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"Office Space”

This movie was pretty funny and had some slow moments as well. This movie shows us what it's like to work for a company that starts to have problems within. This movie shows us how people feel working for a company everyday and not enjoying your job. The main character talks about how working at Initech is the worst day of his life and that the next day is worker that the day before. It also shows us what can happen when you push an employee to the end. Initech brings in efficiency experts that hardly know what they are doing besides laying off people and promoting those who don't care about their jobs. The movies main focus is around Initech, but also shows us another company that needs to implement change, Chatskys. At first I thought what am I going to write about from this movie, but there is plenty of things that need change and adjustment from the bottom all the way up in this company.

Describe the culture at Initech. What are Initech’s in-use core beliefs and values? What in-use values do you think are needed but missing at Initech currently? (5 points)

Initech is a software company, where people are working to reprogram bank software for Y2K. Everyone works in their own cubicle. Everyone in the company knows everyone’s business within the company. If one employee makes a mistake everyone who is in charge approaches that employee to make sure they are aware of the mistake they made. For example Peter the main character forgot the coversheet for a TPS report and has to hear it from eight different managers about it. Peter even seems more annoyed when his employees mention it too. Some employees are frustrated and fed up with their job like Sam, Michael, Peter and Milton. The company does not seem to be very organized, having employees come in on their days off to work because they are behind schedule with things. Most of the employees there have work for more than ten years and rely on the job security from Initech. Initech tries to instill core values and beliefs within the company by sending out memos about new changes like New cover sheets for TPS reports, time sheets and a new vision banner that the hung in the company. There are some employees that are dedicated to the company and some who do not care about it and put in little effort and dedication to their job. Initech started to hire a consultant, called efficiency experts. These gentlemen were brought in to help downsize the company. Initech manager did not explain to the employees what was going on with the company. Initech does not have strong values or belief in the company because if they did they would notify employees by sending memos since they are good at sending memos for other company notifications. The frustration two employees have with the printer in the department shows the annoyance and anger the job gives them. The culture at Initech is that no one seems to be satisfied working there, every employee seems to be doing the same routine day after day. The in-use values that are lacking in the company are communication within the company to all employees and motivation. What is missing is motivation, the company needs to give employees a push to get motivated so they can work in a better environment and meet their quotas. These employees that are not motivated to work, they just sit around playing video games on the computer, take numerous coffee breaks or just stare at nothing. Putting up a sign in the company, and having constant meetings will not help improve and motivate employees working for the company. What Initech needs to do is get feedback from the employees about how they feel and what they would like to see different to help them work efficiently.

Does the top management at Initech recognize the need to change? What does their vision appear to be? Do you think this is appropriate? (5 points)
Yes, the vice president of Initech Bill Lumburgh does recognize the need for change. During...
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