Doordarshan - Case Study

Topics: Satellite television, Quo vadis, Television channel Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 9, 2011

DWIJANMA- RebrandIT: Quo Vadis 09

Make Doordarshan Evergreen

The first decades of television in India revolved around Doordarshan since it was the only television channel. As private channels became more visible and viewership increased the picture changed dramatically. These channels took away more and more of the audiences with glossy programs and slickly presented news. With complacence setting in, Doordarshan sometimes telecasted shoddy programs in terms of content and technical presentation. One major factor in compounding the problem was Doordarshan was made a part of the autonomous corporation called Prasar Bharati. In the last quarter of 1999 Mckinsey made a study of the condition of public service broadcasters around the world and how they were faring in the midst of the plethora of emerging private channels. They concluded that public channels were shaping audience preferences. However, Doordarshan was not even considered among the PSBs they studied worldwide. Problem What is the audience perception of doordarshan as a channel? How does it fare among the budding private channels in the urban sector? Will it regain its name and fame through an extensive process of rebranding /repositioning? Put yourself in the shoes of a marketer and help to resurrect the brand with innovative methodologies. Background DOORDARSHAN (Prasar Bharati) is the National Public Service TV Broadcaster of India. It is the only terrestrial television broadcasting in the country. Doordharshan has a vast network of over 1400 transmitters of various capacities that provides two nationwide terrestrial channels namely Doordharshan national and Doordharshan news and 31 satellite channels including regional services. Doordharshan – National has a terrestrial reach to 91% of population in India. Doordharshan also operates a free t air DTH service in the county, which at present provides 59 free to air TV channels and 21 radio channels. On September 15 2009, it...
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