Vodafone Media Planning

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Advertising is probably one of the most frequently used vehicles for Rebranding, as it is fairly easy, flexible and quick to change. It is a powerful way of reaching a broad or targeted audience quickly and is effective at signalling a change in positioning, however real or broad that may be. There are many examples of where advertising has either repositioned or strengthened brands, other good examples of where advertising has built a new position for a brand or built a strong emotional link with the public are where companies have created a sort of soap opera out of their advertising. The basic aim of the study is to analyze the media planning and advertising campaign of Vodafone in Indian telecom industry. Vodafone wanted to not only announce its entry in India but also communicate to its consumers that Hutch will now be known as Vodafone, through various outdoor mediums across the nation. The Advertising agency of Hutch and now Vodafone, Ogilvy & Mather (O&M), had a two-fold task to achieve: announce the entry of Vodafone into India and highlight the metamorphosis of Hutch into Vodafone. O&M realised that they had a fantastic property in the Hutch pug, which they had been using for about five years. Therefore, to show the transition from Hutch to Vodafone, O&M launched a rather direct, thematic ad showing the trademark pug in a garden, moving out of a pink coloured kennel which symbolised Hutch making his way into a red one that is the Vodafone colour. A more energetic, chirpier version of the ‘You and I’ tune associated with Hutch was played towards the end, and it concludes with ‘Change is good. Hutch is now Vodafone’. INDUSTRY PROFILE

2011 has been an extremely eventful year in the Indian Telecom Sector. Two factors have come into play that have forced most operators to pull up their socks and innovate. Firstly, Mobile Number Portability or MNP has ensured that no provider can get away with exploitative plans because customers are free to switch without giving up their number. [pic]

Secondly, the launch of 3G in India had operators scrambling for key licenses to offer 3G services. They then had to successfully deploy the services over the areas. Then they had to sign agreements between themselves to share their 3G spectrum. The efforts of the operators can be seen in this month’s Cellular Operators Association of India  (COAI) Report on the state of the Indian Telecom Sector which can be downloaded from here. [pic]

[Compilation Courtsey: www.pluggd.in]
As you can see, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone top the list with 28.26% and 23.63% Market Shares. Vodafone, however, grew at a faster rate, with an increase of 1.50% compared to Airtel’s increase of 1.27%. Idea Cellular seems to have an idea of what they are doing and they narrowly trump over state run BSNL for 3rd place. While every provider will have some hiccups, a general standard of superior network coverage, better plans and easy availability have ensured both Airtel and Vodafone have a comfortable lead, and no one seems close to catching up with them. What remains to be seen is if one of them becomes the obvious leader and grabs a significantly larger share of the pie than the other. With 598779674 customers up for grabs, it is anyone’s game COMPANY PROFILE

Vodafone, the British mobile company that entered India after buying Hutch’s share and by creating Vodafone Essar in July 2007, has embarked on a major rebranding exercise in the country. The history of Indian mobile industry is not very old, not to mention the industry as a whole in itself is very new to the whole world. Telephones have been serving mankind for quite a long now and can boast of the world largest redundant legacy system. Thousands of miles of underground cables run through oceans to connect all the continents. Telecommunication industry as a whole has not seen a major revolution for a long time with the exception of a few new innovations in the type of services and call...
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