Dont Sweat the Small Stuff and Its All Small Stuff

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff And Its All Small Stuff
Just by reading the title of this book I realized it was for me, a book that I could learn from and take advantage of it. I get stressed out very easily; I have to have everything under control, organized and projected in order for me to know how my upcoming days are going to be like. Those are some aspects of my personality and since not everything you want or plan ends up the way you want it, it’s good to read a book that helps you cope with difficult moments and teaches you new ways to see life, live life and the most important to me interact with life.

One of the things that I gave the most importance to were the messages that talked about relationships with other people. And the book made me see that we as human beings all act very similarly but we have that unconscious part that tells us we could be acting in some other way. This made me came up with my own phrase that would make me remember the whole book “treat every other how you want them to treat you and do what’s unusual to you” only remembering this phrase it’s going to make a difference in the rest of my life

The book made me realize with all the different things it talked about that there were several things that I had to start changing and that this instantly would make me a better person. Not only would other people realize but you to. I criticize a lot and people get uncomfortable with that, sometimes one’s to blind to realize, I’m trying to let people be. Expressing my feeling it’s also hard, but sometimes no matter what the situation is I just have to do it for my own spirit. Just by doing this and more things that I’m going to mention later, my relationship with my dad and brother could be better because I haven’t been good with them because of our differences
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