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Assignment 1
Assume Mr. Sudesh is running a small confectionery shop. He makes all the purchases from a delivery van on cash basis and sells the items to his customers only on cash, i.e. no credit is allowed to the customer. Since the shop is a small business, it is a one-man show and Mr. Sudesh does not file any income tax return. Recently, he has started free home delivery on bulk order of at least Rs. 5000. In that case too he accepts the down payment on delivery.

Prepare a Conceptual design for developing & Designing the MIS for the front office of Mr Sudesh.

Group Assignment 1
Select a (any) company of your choice and explain its MIS setup. You should evidently through light on how MIS is prolifically involved in managing the business of the selected organization, where decisions must be made in the areas of: (a) Strategic planning

(b) Managerial control
(c) Operational control

Group Assignment 2(Presentation)
Prepare a presentation, in MS PowerPoint, on the above Group Assignment 1. Presentations can be made in group of five students. Grouping , in each section, shall be in order of roll numbers of attendance sheet i.e., Group one shall have students from roll no 1,2,3,4,5; Group Two shall have students from roll no 6,7,8,9,10; and so on. If any student is absent or not reporting in the course, than the group will have less no of members.

Assignment 1 should be hand written , with a conceptual design/ diagram and should not have more than 1000 word. Assignments/Presentations shall be submitted to CR by TUESDAY i.e., on or before March 12, 2013 .

For Group Assignment 1, You have to prepare a soft document (in MsWord/Latex/PDF) of not less than 2000 words on the given subject based on Indian Scenario. It should be well supported with diagrams and references of books, websites or other sources referred to prepare the assignment. The assignment should cover the given topic in...
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