Domestic vs International Travel

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Vacations are a memorable experience to look forward to when visiting a new place. For most families, a vacation is an American tradition; however, people should plan accordingly when thinking about conveniences. Domestic travel offers advantages in cost, language, and special medical care that are usually inconvenient when traveling internationally. Flying to popular locations such as New York for two weeks will cost from $400-$600 per person. The mother tongue of America is English, so for people who rely on this language to get around more easily will never have an issue of a language barrier. For example, signs and restaurants will be in English and easy to read. Not only travelling domestically is relatively cheaper and has no communication problem, there is also no need to stress about receiving proper and special medical attention for people with chronic illnesses. There are many hospitals and doctor’s offices available for travelers, as well as pharmacies and drug stores for any medical supplies one may need.

I have traveled to many domestic locations, such as California, Arkansas, New York, and Texas. It’s extremely easier to find inexpensive tickets to domestic locations like these. On an average, I usually spend around $1,000 for expenses all together including air fare. With so many plans and excitement for my trip, I have never had too much trouble asking around to find interesting places to see or explore new adventures. Communication in your own country is like nothing else when it comes to finding a place to eat. I am a vegetarian, so asking someone for a vegan restaurant, or just simply looking one up online makes is a lot more convenient when I am hungry. Sometimes accidents happen and one may be in need of a bandage or just some nausea medication. I always relied on drug stores like Walgreen’s Pharmacy to seek my medical attention. It may not be a problem, but when you have a bad cut or just an upset stomach the vacation is...
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