Does a “Double Standard” Still Exist Between the Sexes?

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Mother Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 3, 2013
• Does a “double standard” still exist between the sexes?

Men and women never seem to agree with everything especially when it is related to their careers. This cause double standard to occur in many working industries as well as the domestic front mainly because of people’s mindset that men can do everything better than women. Therefore, sexism or double standard between men and women still exist.

In the office, “There can be a little bit of a double standard in some offices about this. When men have pictures of family, people think, 'How sweet.' But when women have those same pictures, there might be the question of where her attention and where her focus are.” As I quote Marjorie Brody. And this shows that double standard do exist still in the office. Why should people judge on how their work spaces look like with the work that they can produce? Does this mean that if men have pictures of their family they work better than women who also have a picture of her family? The answer is still no; therefore this type of double stand should not exist in the first place.

Age also plays an important factor in the double standard role amongst men and women. Why is that men can age gracefully whilst women has to go through a lot of pain or money to ensure that her youth is intact. This is not just the men’s fault, this is just how corporate ladder works and it should be changed. Women will always have an age limit to work while men will get extra years to their pay check. This is not fair for the women all over the world because some companies still discriminate their workers through their gender, no one gets to chose what gender they would want to be born into so why should there be discrimination towards genders.

Discrimination does not only happen to women, men get discriminated too. A single father raising a child is said to not be able to fully support their child mentally, physically and also spiritually. Why? It is said that fathers do not have what...
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