Gender Stereotypes

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Wife Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Yesenia Burch
Professor Craft
English 101
November 28, 2012

Gender and Humor Research Paper
Dating back to previous centuries, men and women had unspoken natural roles. These roles were passed down generation to generation in pretty much every country. Men knew they were to go to school and eventually provide for their own family. In the same manner, women knew they were to shadow their mother and learn how to clean and cook for their family one day. From the 1940s until now these stereotype roles have drastically changed allowing me to believe that men and women are capable of switching roles in the household and workforce. Women have gone from staying at home uneducated with no voting rights to becoming college presidents and mayors. Men have transitioned into a more open variety of careers from nurses to ballet dancers, some even stay at home dads. In the United States today men and women are created equal.

However, there are many others who still have a barrier between the role of a women and the role of a man.There are men and women who have the same career and credentials yet the women get paid less for the job. Sexism still exist amongst people who believe that women are supposed behave in a overly submissive manner. Many countries continue to follow by these women stereotype roles even today. “For example in India the men believe violently discipling women is morally correct.” (Turner, Michael)

“Once the World War II began in the women started to take on the role of their husband’s or father’s. Rosie the Riveter was an inspiring women that broke the stereotype of the jobs men and women should have around that time.” (Sorensen, Aja) Now men and women can take on jobs such as nurses and police officers. The humor in the video that deals with the kind of working stereotype is the fact that the women is the one that is tired and hungry on the couch from a long day of work. Don’t get me wrong, women typically are tired at the end of the day just...
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