Social Inequality

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Social Inequality
Today, there are many stereotypes and discriminatory practices that act as barriers to a woman's advancement within the workplace. While it is undeniable that there are biological and physical differences between men and women, often times these differences are used to justify the unequal treatment of women not only in the workplace, but within society as a whole. Throughout history, women have often been viewed as the weaker sex and thus their place was thought to be within the home as the family caretaker. Unfortunately, these views continue to define the different social roles for men and women in the world today. This is an issue that almost everyone woman at some point in their life has had to face. Some may experience this unequal treatment at their work place, during their education, or in their everyday lives. Historically, a woman’s primary job was managing the household. As housewives who had no source of income besides that of what their husbands earned. In the public’s eye women were nothing more than...
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