Does Travel Really Boarden the Mind?

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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If you were given a name of a place where you had been there before, can you tell me what is there look like? I think most people have alomost forgot already. Through thousands of miles, and you remembered nothing. So, it’s true that travel doesn’t broaden the mind.

“Most people can’t adapt the environment so quickly when you go to a new place”(Does travel really broaden our mind?, no date). The time of traveling usually not very long, about 3 days to 7 days. And the environment there is not always good. Sometimes the weather can be very hot, cold, rainy or foggy if you are unlucky. Culture shock will definitely appear when traveling to another place, especially to another countries. The different language is also a big obstacle. With such a short time, most people won’t adapt the environment well.

People might feel uncomfortable and disappointed if they can not adapt the environment well. If the weather is not good they can not go out and have to stay at their accommodation. It’s such a wasting of time. The most annoying thing when traveling is the bad weather. People may feel somewhat impenetrable when the culture shock arose. All these kinds of things can make travelers feel very disappointed and feel like going back to home.

Many people do not eat the local food when traveling in another place. To really feel and know a place, eating the local food is one of the most important steps. Food is included in the culture of a place. So, you will certainly know more about the place after teasing the food. Many people don’t like the taste of the local food or their eating style, so they just choose not to eat local food.

A large number of people will eat their home food in another place when traveling. For me, I always eat fast food when traveling to another place, because I don’t like the local food. A story I saw on the Internet told that a person who came from England traveled to France, and he still ate English food there, cause he can’t fit in with...
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