Feasibility of Mango Shake

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study

Food is arguably the most important thing when it comes to a person’s life. Everyone eats, no matter what kind of diet they tend to have. Everyone just really eats food and that. The great thing about food, however, is that they tend to be quite unique to its location. A dish could be popular worldwide, but it can also be very local and specific to an area. This is mostly due to the fact that food largely reflects local culture. The ingredients and how the food is cooked say a lot about a specific region or country.

Siomai in general is a popular food, not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. This is due to its delicious taste and simple preparation. Globally, this type of dimsum originated in Guangdon China (shumai). The other names for siomai are shaomai, shuimai and shewmai or which are traditional Chinese dumplings serve in dim sum. There are many regional version of shumai in China such as huhhot version and cantonese version and from Jiangnanregion.Its introduction and wide acceptance in parts of the world like in the Philippines and other south East Asian Nations, inevitably resulted to the evolution of many varieties, methods and preparation and using different ingredients(The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, 2009). That’s why siomai industry is becomes very popular because of its unique taste and one of the easiest to make. In Inner Mongolia,huhhotshaomaiis considered one of the oldest varieties of shaomai. Within the dimsum tradition of the southern china, it is one of the most standard dishes. This is also popular in Vietnam they called it as “ xiumai” one of the producer of siomai and in Japan “ shumai” has also great indication demand of siomai.(Dictionary.com's 21st Century Lexicon, 2011). And in Hongkong many large dim sum restaurants offers scores of different varieties and one of those varieties is the siomai. The larger specialist dim sum restaurants will usually prepare up to 100 of them on any day. In the Philippines, food scene siomai has been causing quite a stir. Low total investment but faster Return on investment (ROI).With the proliferation of mall kiosk and roadside stores selling freshly steamed and sometimes friedsiomai at a very affordable price. The family can now fully enjoy the delicious Chinese dumplings any days of the week without losing a big chunk of the already tightbudget (HsiungDeh-Ta., 2005). In Pangasinan,specifically in Dagupan City, siomai also serves as one of the most popular light meal or snack in malls and supermarket. It is a welcome reprieve for the mothers who have kids and who love the tasty dumplings so much, but do not have the required time to regularly prepare one. There are franchisedstalls, such as MasterSiomai, Red Ninja, Siomai House and Shaolin shomai which targets students & working people. Chinese restaurants such as a Chowking, North Park, Davids Tea House, Flavors of China, Gloria Maris and many other restaurants also serve this. The proponents decided to enter in this kind of business not only to gain profit but also for their business to generate more employment in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. This is not only for the proponent's benefit but also for the community of Dagupan City and to other places as well. Conceptual Framework

The researchers used the Input-Process-Output Model in this study. The inputs of this study consist of the five aspects of the business as to market aspect, technical aspect, organizational and management aspect, financial aspect and socio- economic aspect. Descriptive survey method was used in gathering data and information. The formulation of questionnaires, conducting of surveys and one-on-one interview were the instruments used. The output of this study is the feasibility of Q-mai.

Feasibility of
Q-mai House

Input ProcessOutput

Descriptive Survey Method,
Formulation of questionnaires,
Conducting of Surveys,
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