Cause and Effect of Cultural Shock

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Kasie Sepeda
Professor Scherf

I. What is Cultural Shock
a. serious phenomenon and a long-winded process
b. Real culture shock can happen in places you expect to be similar II. Effects of cultural shock
a. Happen when you take a culture for granted.
b. Can affect your job, family, etc.
III. Causes of cultural shock
a. Can cause mild uneasiness or temporary homesickness to acute unhappiness or even, in extreme cases, psychological panic. b. Could cause a serious reality check when put into cultural shock. IV. Cultural the same as race?

a. Hundreds of cultures in the world, while we have only a handful of races. b. Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups.

Culture shock in the United States has shaped and changed this world, and the people. Culture shocks has caused and affected many different things in this world. Culture shocks can range from how the United States has become obese to how culture organization is in the work place. Culture shocks have caused and affected many people in this world however, culture shocks don’t only put us back into reality, it helps us change to that culture. According to InterNations, “Culture shock is in fact a serious phenomenon and a long-winded process, and thus definitely a force to be reckoned with when moving abroad. Depending on personality and circumstances, some people might find it easier to deal with culture shock than others” (InterNations, 2010). Culture shock is a phenomenon that all types of people experience, no matter if they work abroad for the first time or if they are veterans in the field of duty. The effects of Culture shock can also happen when you take a culture for granted. Real Culture Shock can happen in places you expect to be similar - it's the tiny things that can tip you over the edge. Don't expect that it's just that there's...
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