Does the Assessment of Risk Factors Prevent the Development of Pressure Ulcers in Hospitalised Patients.

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I will be writing this essay using a clinical question, which I formulated. My clinical question is based upon “Does the assessment of risk factors prevent the development of pressure ulcers in hospitalised patients.” I will be discussing and analysing my questions and findings from reliable, current, valid and trustworthy sources found within five articles based on the subject of pressure ulcers. All articles are based on quantitative research undertaken. “From the findings of a good, current, reliable, valid or trustworthy research is the basis for maintaining high standards of care and all nurses must use practice based on the most up to date evidence (NMC 2008). It is now an important part of nursing to actively participate in research and evidence based practice, in order to continually improve the standard of the health care system. This process ensures that nurses are kept up to date with relevant information needed to provide the most effective care for patients. During my essay I will provide a critical appraisal I made of one of the five articles, I will demonstrate whether I feel the article is of a trustworthy source of information and validity. Also discussing the importance of information provided and if the information obtained will make a difference to the quality and effectiveness of care and if the information is usable within clinical practice and how it applies to my clinical practice. The title of my assignment reflects on my nursing practice as assessing the risk factors of a patient is very vital to carry out as to promote the prevention of pressure ulcers. In order to provide consistent information and enable nurses to plan appropriate prevention strategies a number of assessment tools have been developed and put in place (eg:-Norton et al 1975,Waterlow 2005). As stated by NICE guidelines, patients should receive an initial and ongoing assessment within 6 hours of admission in the first episode of care, (NICE 2005).

Evidence based practice (EBP) is an important factor to the health care system. Evidence based practice involves all of the health care workers. It involves identifying solid research findings and implementing them within practices. The overall the main purpose of evidence based practice is to increase the quality of care the patient receives. According to Flemming an Cullum (1997) “Evidence based health care involves using a communication of clinical expertise, and best available evidence, together with the patients preferences to inform decision making.”

The framework I will use to set out my question is based on PICO, sackett et al (2000) the question is a foreground question as I am asking about a specific issue within healthcare and I am looking for specific knowledge about the effectiveness of assessment of risk factors in the prevention on pressure ulcers. My question is based on PICO (outline of PICO is population, intervention, comparison, outcome) is set out as

P = Hospitalised patients with pressure ulcers

I = Using waterlow assessment

C = The use of pressure relieving materials

O = Prevention of development and promote healing

The reason I have chosen this question is to conducting a literature review focussed on an aspect of nursing care that I have been involved in within clinical practice. I have chosen to look at what the literature says about the use of assessment of risk in the prevention of pressure ulcers in hospitalised patients.

The search carried out in order to complete a systematic literature search to select two or more electronic data bases. Articles published after 2000 ere accessed, these were Cumulative Index To Nursing. (CINAHL), and Royal College of Nursing (RCN) archives for journals, BMJ search as well, These data bases were used as it covers a large range of biomedical literature that includes literature which underlines nursing practice. By research for the five articles keywords were entered into the data bases, words included...
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